Failing transmission? Worn brake pads? Unidentifiable squealing sound? For car repairs in the Shoalhaven, you want speedy, effective service that gets you back on the road faster. You need to seek out a Nowra mechanic with a reputation for honesty and quality above all. It can be hard to know exactly what to look for when there are numerous options that could meet your vehicle’s needs. To help you make the decision, we’ve compiled a quick checklist that covers the basics. Read through to get an idea of what makes some auto repair centres stand out amongst the crowd. We hope this makes choosing the best Nowra mechanic simpler than ever.

A Mechanic Who Values Relationships

In any profession or trade, relationships are very important. There are plenty of substandard operations out there, so when you find a business you can trust and connect with, a relationship is born. A major investment like a car requires ongoing repairs and work. Having a Nowra mechanic you know and can rely on makes a big difference—and it may even turn you into a lifelong customer.

At 100% Automotive, we put effort into nurturing our relationships with customers, industry partners, suppliers, and more. We are proud of our reputation in the Shoalhaven and we love supporting the local area. A consistent focus on building and maintaining our connections keeps us busy and successful. In fact, most of our new business comes from referrals, because we’ve developed relationships with our customers. They know we’re a mechanic of integrity and quality and are happy to recommend and introduce us to others.

A Mechanic Who Can Do it All

It’s a pain going to several different locations to get all of the work for your vehicle completed. Stop this time-wasting, costly practice, and instead, streamline your needs with a provider who can handle everything. Inspections, regular servicing, repairs, ordering/replacing parts, vehicle performance enhancements, steering, suspension, and more: 100% Automotive covers it all. Our skilled, experienced team can truly handle all types of automotive work—just another quality that makes us one of the best mechanics Nowra has to offer.

A Mechanic Who Prioritises Safety

Unfortunately, cars can be costly to repair. This has created a subtle belief worldwide that auto repair shops are out to rip you off, suggesting fixes and upgrades you truly don’t need in order to maximise their profits. Sadly, this does happen, as it does in any industry, but we at 100% Automotive are committed to transforming the reputation of mechanics Nowra and beyond.

How can you depend on our honesty?

Simple. We are dedicated to your safety in everything we do. The most important goal for us is to see our customers drive away in a 100% safe, expertly-maintained car. While we’ll never try to upsell you or push you towards repairs you don’t need, you can rest assured that the work we advise will always have your safety at top of mind. That’s a promise.

Whether you need a serious repair, a basic vehicle inspection, or an annual tune-up, we’d love you to come and check out 100% Automotive. We’d appreciate the chance to win you over, and show you what makes us the top quality Nowra mechanic who is ready to meet your needs. Give us a call or stop by our convenient Investigator Street location.